Meet Bumble, at 34 years young she is the baby of the Carty’s Campers fleet.
Born in 1979, Bumble is one of the last of the iconic styles known as the Bay Window before VW changed to the squarer T25 model. Bumble has recently been restored and re-sprayed in her original colour of marinogleb. There is a new modern interior fitted by “VW Type 2 Interiors” and she has also been fitted with a 74” ragtop roof which can be rolled back for your enjoyment be it on those sunny days or to gaze at the stars come night time.

Bumble’s interior has a “Rock & Roll” bed fitted which acts as a bench seat by day for when you’re traveling or having a break which then transforms into a comfortable bed by night for sleeping.  There is a 38 Litre fridge for storing food and drink and cupboard space for storing dry food, clothes, etc.

Bumble comes with a sink/stove combination unit which means you have a supply of running water. There is a 20 Litre LPG tank which is located underneath the camper; this is used to supply gas to the 2 stove gas hob and the propex heating system. Our LPG gas tank stores enough gas for over a month’s continual use without the need to be re-filled giving you one less hassle on your trip and as its stored underneath this means it’s not taking up any of the valuable space inside. Safety is our top priority here at Carty’s Campers which is why each of our campers undergo annual checks from a gas safety registered engineer and adhere to their very strict safety checks.

Quite a bit has changed in the last 41 years which is why we’ve added a few mod cons. These include
  • A CD player that has the capability for use of your MP3 player (we supply the cable required)
  • Cigarette lighter which is ideal for charging your phone/mp3 player etc.
  • 240v socket. Therefore if you are on a campsite with 240v hook up capabilities you will be able to use any electrical appliances you would normally use in your house. (we supply the hook up cable).
  • There is also a portable DVD player and PSP available upon request at no extra charge.
  • Sat Nav supplied upon request at no extra charge.